o2sms - faq

Q: It's not working!

  1. If the script has never worked, then it probably hasn't been installed properly. Read the installation guide.
  2. Any errors like "Unknown Response From Server" are generally problems with the your webtext service provider. Try logging in with a browser and manually sending a message the old-fashioned way. If it's working like this, then maybe the website has changed and your version of o2sms is broken — ensure you have the latest version and check the status matrix. Otherwise, an update is most likely in the works.
  3. If it's working through the website, then run the script with the "-d" option and have a look through the debug output to see if you can figure out what's going wrong.
  4. If you see a problem with the script you can try and fix it yourself and send me a diff against the latest version. Otherwise, check back on this website to see if a fixed version has been released.

Q: How about some nice graphical interface?

Well, I'm pretty happy using the command line version, but some people have created graphical versions using this library. Take a look at the "related work" section of the homepage.

Yes! A Windows GUI is now available.

Q: The arrow/delete keys don't work when typing a message.

Yeah, this can happen.

Q: I just created a configuration file, but o2sms can't find it!

Make sure you haven't created a file/dir called .02sms (with a zero) instead of .o2sms (with a lowercase letter o).

Q: How about some tab completion?

See this article on o2sms completion.

Q: How do I upgrade to the latest version using CPAN?

CPAN sometimes doesn't know when to upgrade to the latest version of o2sms. Running the following command will force CPAN to upgrade to the latest version:
cpan -fi WWW::SMS::IE::iesms

Q: Can I use two accounts at the same time?

Q: Can I send a message through applescript?

set recipient to "+353871234567"
set message to "test"
set user to "0871234567"
set pass to "yourpassword"
do shell script "vodasms --embedded " & " -u " & user & " -p " & pass & " -m " & message & " " & recipient

Q: How about a packaged command-line version for OS X that doesn't need Developer Tools?

First download the o2sms Dashboard Widget. Open it up and inside you'll find a directory called 'o2sms'. That should be have all the non-standard modules and things for running o2sms out of the box.

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